Introducing an easy new way to share your faith

Now you can witness to anyone by simply giving them the only

Christian book that's perfect for reading in the bathroom!

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And, like me, are you concerned about friends and relatives who are lost ― who never seem to give God a thought ― and live as if there is no tomorrow?


Have you been praying that God would open a new door for you to witness effectively to the people he has placed in your life?


Then consider this: The gift of an evangelical Christian book is a powerful tool for reaching your lost loved ones.  It is a small investment that can pay huge dividends.


It is a heartfelt gift that will sit on someone's bookshelf as a silent witness . . . a gift they will eventually pick up and read in a quiet solitary moment when God has softened their heart.

Dear Christian Friend,


Do you have trouble sharing your faith with people who reject the Gospel because of bad experiences they've had with spiritual goofballs, religious hypocrites or church legalism?

It is a gift that can make an eternal difference in the life of someone you love.


Jesus Is Trying To Get Your Attention specifically targets the skeptic, the agnostic, the un-reached . . . the kind of folks we all know who might never set foot in a church.


This book is designed to stir the curiosity of searching souls by confronting the common questions that unbelievers ask.


It plants a seed of godly desire in hungry hearts by sharing real-life stories of God's wonderful grace.


It challenges the disbelief of doubting minds by discussing the reality of Jesus with simple language and gentle humor.


We All Know People Who Need the Lord


While writing this book I kept thinking of friends I have known for so many years. Friends who are turned off by organized religion and "church-ianity." Friends who need the Lord but have pushed him away.


I wrote this book for them, and for the people you love who are like them: friends and family who need the Gospel, but have built up walls of resistance around their hearts.


Jesus Is Trying To Get Your Attention melts away the defenses of people who have been turned off by past encounters with religious goofballs or legalistic churches.


This book deals head-on with the most common objections people have about the Gospel. With straight talk and a dash of humor, it speaks to people right where they are.


Written for Today's Casual Reader


The format of this book addresses another problem we face when sharing the Gospel: People simply do not read as much as they used to. Many people in today’s world rarely read anything deeper than People magazine or their daily newspaper.


Most of my lost friends would never read a classic like Mere Christianity or More Than a Carpenter. Those are great evangelistic books, but many casual readers find them too dry.


That is why Jesus Is Trying To Get Your Attention is written in plain conversational language, with a dash of humor.  Each brief chapter can easily be read in 5 or 10 minutes.


This entertaining book is easy reading for anyone . . . set in larger 12-point type, with 28 short chapters . . . each one designed to help introduce the reader to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Jesus Is Trying To Get Your Attention is aimed at the light, casual reader. It makes a great bedside (or bathroom) book that can be conveniently read in short sittings. The longest chapter is only six pages.


Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of faith in Christ. Three of the chapters contain a direct call to repentance and a suggested prayer.


Like a Conversation with a Friend


I wrote each chapter as a conversation I would like to have with someone who wanted to sit down and chat about the Lord for a while. 


Just plain talk between friends . . . sharing some of my experiences with Jesus, or telling stories about how God has dealt with others while urging the reader to consider their own relationship with God.


The greatest gift we can give anyone is the good news that God loves them. Without being preachy or pushy, you can share the Gospel with a friend by simply giving them this unique book as a gift.


Anytime a sinner meets the Savior, the angels in heaven rejoice! That is the whole focus of this persuasive new book: introducing readers to Jesus. The title says it all.


Why don’t you take a moment right now and check it out for yourself?  Click the button below to  read a FREE PREVIEW of three chapters.


Then imagine how stories like these could plant seeds of faith in the minds of your unbelieving friends . . . one brief, thought-provoking chapter at a time.


 See for yourself why so many readers are recommending this useful new witnessing tool, and

why they are posting comments like these:


  • "Excellent perspective! A 'must read' … I'll be passing it on to all my family members." - Sandy Lee Williams - Hobe Sound, FL


  • "A good read; made me think." - Teresa Bayne - Indianapolis, IN


  • “I read the book cover to cover and loved it! I'm not a pleasure reader or a church-goer … and this book is perfect for people like me." - Kim Tuero - Jensen Beach, FL



I want to share my faith with the people I love. I want to use this book to reach the people God has placed in my sphere of influence.